How to “Wow” your readers!


Lewis here. 


When using email marketing to generate leads for your  home business. 

I learnt this from the one and only “Ben Settle”

This is what he highly recommends. 

Email regularly!

That’s it. 

Don’t just email when you have something to pitch or launch. 

(Like everyone else..)

Understand. People see right thru that approach. 

Instead, provide value at least 5 times a week. 

Be consistent. 

That really is the key. and Yeah! 

I get it. 

Sometimes you might be thinking, …but I haven’t got anything to say every day. 


Simply read a chapter of a book (for your niche) every night before bed and…

Magically. 🙂

The next day, you have something valuable to share with your list ,  as well as on social media too! 

Just imagine how much content you could amass in just a few short months or years. 

Wouldn’t that just be mind blowing ?

So . 

Just to recap:

1. Read everyday

2. Email 5 times a week … At least. 

3. Provide value through teaching. 

4.Share on social media. 

Bingo !

Over time , your list should boom if you are simply consistent. 

Beware though….

Don’t just “hard teach” from your paid products. 

Save that goodness for your paying customers. 

They paid, therefore they deserve to benefit.

Sound fair? 

Thought so! 

Ok , I’m outta here , 

Got some more work to do . 

Ciao for now.


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