Brain Dead Simple…

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Today, I’m sharing a tactic that could just turn your home business around 
for the better, 

…if you apply it  properly. 

You see… 

Many people trying to build a business from home/online tend to 
overcomplicate this, and therefore get it well…


For no good reason at all I might add. 

Now, if you have been around for any length of time, you probably know that the number one online asset you can possibly have, is a list. 

Actual people you have “permission” to email regularly. 

People who want to hear from you. 

You get the point. 

So, the big question comes. 

How do you get them on your email list?


One way I learnt about a while ago, was to simply say, 

Hey ______,
I’m running a newsletter that helps people make a second income online from home. 

Maybe you should hop on it, just in case you know someone I could help? 

Now, what do you think the answer would be from most people? 

Probably sweet, I’d say.

Surely you can do that.

Then, all you do is send them to your list if you’re there in person, or email them  the details etc. 

Just imagine how fast you’d build it up by capturing say 2-3 folks a day. 

Go on. 

Hop to it! 

Cheers for reading & Ciao for now.

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