Losing the neediness..

Hey Everyone,

I’m gonna lay it all out right now.

Here goes…

When your truly doing business from home, what you need to do first and foremost is put your business on a pedestal.

Adopt the mindset that yes, your business is actually an important part of your life      and existence.

Therefore, you should ONLY dedicate time to people who actually respect yours.

What I mean here is…

If someone has set an appointment to talk with you & they don’t show up.

Do not call them.

Do not chase them.

Simply go on with your day.

Don’t even bat an eyelid.

Simply move on to your next appointment and focus on them.

(Assuming they show up of course..!) 🙂


If they call you prior to the agreed time and say that “something has come up,”

That’s cool…!

Simply reschedule.

No harm done.


If they just disrespect your time by not calling to reschedule, but call you say  an hour later.

Say this!

Ok cool, I might be able to fit you in next week, or maybe the one after.

The point!

You Call the shots.


They need you, more than you need them. 

Believe me.

It’s how top earning Pro’s operate.

Here’s the cool bit.

YOU decide when it’s time to make the switch into this mindset.

It’s a powerful place, and one you will eventually learn to appreciate.

Most importantly.

Have fun with your new found level of posture.

It’s way cool.


Cheers people and Ciao for Now!


I would love to hear your thoughts...

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