My zero cost challenge to you…


I’m sitting in my office on FB tonight and came across a post that got me thinking.

It was actually about a topic that is near and dear to my heart.


You know how most people have absolutely no idea when it comesto marketing online effectively..

…and all they do on a daily basis is post company links in every FB group they can find, whilst simply hoping and praying that “ANYONE” would click on their link and join on the spot?  


I gotta say, It almost makes me cry. 

Because I’ve also noticed that those kinds of posts never ever have any likes or even shares for that matter. 

Which leaves us with a big ass mega question to answer…

Why not? 

Well, I’m gonna be blunt. 

It’s basically because the poster has not built up any value at all in the eyes of the potential team member / customer and therefore nobody joins or buys…


I call that a complete waste of time, wouldn’t you? 

I sure hope you said yes. 

Believe me, this kind of insanity must end. 

It’s freaking embarrassing and surely gives our industry a bad name. 

So, my challenge is divided up in to 4 parts. 

1. Visit this page.

2. Opt in for more info

3. Consume the videos you’ll receive in the coming days (in order please)

4. Just try not to message me and thank me for helping you and your business 


Like I said, the challenge is on….

You up for it? 

It won’t cost you a dime. 

Go here now and we”ll chat again real soon…

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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