How to educate link spammers.

Hey, Lewis here.

Quite literally, 10 minutes ago, I’m sitting at my desk and I get a Facebook instant message from a lady in Serbia.

It was simply a massive spam fest, going on and on about how I simply must join
this MATRIX.

Hey baby, don’t get me started on how much I can’t stand those silly


I thought for a minute as to how I was going to respond.

I toiled with a couple of ideas.

But simply replied with,

I feel sorry for you. 😦

Of course,

She replied instantly with the question…


So I proceeded to  tell her how People ONLY buy from those they Know, like and trust.

And after I offered her a chance to access my best free training resource, she told mehow she lives in a poor country and how she doesn’t speak English very well.

I got the same old online story as a lot of networkers do…

I have no money to join.

Well that’s very interesting, because I hadn’t actually tried to sell her anything.

The training resource is free, remember.

So anyway,

The way the conversation ended was very interesting.

She ended up thanking me for teaching her a very important lesson.


Is checking out the training resource as we speak.

How cool.

I win,

I created super strong rapport.

That’s always my first step online.

Because, without it, you may as well get of FB and go and watch some mindless TV.

There you go, there’s my big tip for today.

Ciao for now.

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