Talk about impatient…

On the weekend , I was at a local night club playing a gig with my fellow band mates when during the second song of the evening, this girl comes up to the side of the stage and yells in my ear… 

Can you play something more up beat. 

To which I replied. 

Ok, cool. Soon 


About 20 or so seconds later, she goes up to the singer, and asks him the very same question… 

Now, ordinarily, I wouldn’t give that kind of request a second thought, because as I said, it was only the second song of the night. 

Believe me, There was plenty more coming. 

But, I couldn’t help but think how impatient she appeared to be. 

Ok, fair enough, 

She was out with her girlfriends and wanted to have a dance, but seriously, hold your horses sister. 

I mean, it’s usually the way bands kick off a gig. 

Starting with a few low key songs, before they really get stuck into the juicy ones. 

And, funnily enough, 

This situation got me thinking about how many people start their online businesses too. 

From what I’ve witnessed first hand, many folks just go nuts spreading links all over the web, all the while being perceived by others as simply doing a desperation dance. 

Therefore justifying them to click away as soon as humanly possible. 

You know those kinds of people. 

You’ve seen their online activity and thought to yourself. 

C’mon dude, lift the game. 

Stop treating the web like your own personal link dumping ground 
you silly amateur. 

So, my dears, I certainly hope you picked up a gold nugget or two from today’s post and will immediately start to implement some fresh new ideas into establishing your professional online presence. 

However, if you have FAILED up to now, or are a complete beginner and need to get some 6 to 7 figure strategies into your head without joining  a zillion different programs. 

Simply ask me to tell you about a completely fresh approach to online marketing education. 

It can really pay off too, if you go about it correctly. 😳

Thanks for reading. 

Ciao for now friends.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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