Just a little something I picked up…

T’was last Tuesday, when I was driving in my car and I heard a key phrase that I’m sure will stick with me forever.
Please bear in mind I had been listening to this particular Jim Rohn audiobook, every chance I got for about a week when I really heard it.
It was so very profound, and very True too

It’s basically this…

He said, 

“you cannot change people,

but they can change themselves”

Wow, I thought,

That’s a great way to put it.

Now of course, he was referring to people in Network Marketing and how some really go on to create stellar results, whilst others fail miserably. 

Like me BTW 🙂

(hey! just keeping it real)

Anyway, I’ve since discovered thanks to a brilliant website called http://www.16personalities.com that I’m more suited to the online marketing industry instead.

Truly, that idea makes me very happy on the inside, I can tell u!  


With regard to my own personal development, I can assure you that I’m deep in the trenches studying the fine art of copywriting and email marketing, thanks to a couple of  great courses I can gladly recommend to you if you are so inclined…


The above test takes about 12 or so minutes… Has really helped me,

It’s free…

Hop to it friends, I’d love to see how you go…

Ciao for now!

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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