Why Firehosing People is Taboo…

Hey! Lewis here yet again.

Just this morning I was sitting at my home office desk about 10am, as I always do.

I thought to myself, how can I increase my knowledge today, so I can then share online to hopefully benefit someone else’s day?

Then it came to me.

For about the last week or so, I’ve been trying to find time to start re-reading Bob Burg’s awesome book: “Endless Referrals”.

Which brings me to the lesson for today.

In one of the opening chapters, he talks about why you should not ever firehose your potential client/customer.

Ok, what’s fire hosing you say?


Let’s just use this scenario shall we. You’ve just met someone brand new and asked them what they do, they respond and then ask you what you do for a crust.

After you tell them that you are say a financial planner for example, they respond with, oh really, my wife and I were just talking the other day about how we need some help in that area.

Ask yourself this,

How would you respond right here?

Hopefully, you would politely smile and then go on asking them more questions about his business.

Ok, I hear you asking, why wouldn’t I just go on and on about how my company can help them solve their problem?



The future of your business depends on this.

It’s because of the fact that you have only just met this person and THEY have not yet developed the necessary Know You, Like You and Trust You feelings as yet.

You see, these kinds of feelings are crucial to people wanting to do business in this day and age.

And yes, you guessed it.

This is the way it will be from this point on.

So, instead of Firehosing them with how great and beneficial your solution to their problem would be, you need to become more interested in them and in time, they will of course see you as a valued, trusted associate who they will be more than happy to refer business to on a regular basis.

You of course, do the same for them.

Everyone wins. 😎

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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