Let’s turn this puppy around, shall we…?

It happened again,

On Instagram about ten minutes ago…

I’m sure You’ve been there…

On social media sites like IG, FB & Twitter for example, when out of the blue you received a direct message saying that you sound like the perfect kind of person to join up with our so called award winning team and groundbreaking company/compensation plan…

Blah Blah Blah!

Holy OMG!! 

I have to say this.

Please don’t get me started as to how annoying and frustrating that is.

I mean, why do these people actually expect complete strangers to take notice when there is absolutely no reason to?

No friendship has been developed over time and therefore there’s virtually no chance of one developing in the near future because of the way that you were approached in the first place.

I have one word to describe this kind of online tactic.


Not to mention being a complete waste of time and energy.

Ok, enough of the negativity.

Let’s turn this puppy around shall we..? 

A few great ways to either help yourself or someone you know who does this kind of time wasting activity, is to:

1. Share this post with them, or re-read it yourself until it really makes sense to you.

2. Place it on Social media groups you’re a member of, (in relevant categories) and you’ll be perceived as someone out to help others online.

Obviously good for your reputation.


I’m sure you are more than intelligent enough to come up with more ways to help these people out and to stop embarrassing themselves online daily.

Ok. Cool.

Enough out of me.

Thanks for reading once again and I’ll catch you again in the new year.

It’s currently, December 31, 2014

Ciao for now and Happy New Year. 

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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