Giving away my best stuff here…

Well, it’s actually not my site, but totally my suggestion for you.!

About two months ago, I was online watching a webinar when we were introduced to the website I’m about to share.

What it did was force me to simply change my approach because I soon realised I was on the completely wrong path.

It’s called  and I can tell you that straight after taking the free personality test, I was gobsmacked at how accurate this site was at nailing my personality to the floor.

I mean, holy crap accurate.

Basically, I never realised that I am in fact an Introvert.

Go figure!

I’m not sure who’s involved in this site, but boy do they know a lot about personalities and all that good stuff.

I’ll put it to you this way, a few years back, I was involved in a number of network marketing deals, and never really understood why I failed bad.

Now I do.

It’s because of the awesome fact that my brain is simply not wired that way, where as I had to talk with many different people one on one, therefore I was simply setting myself up for a whole lot of anger, frustration and heartache.

Nothing against MLM, it’s just not for me.

And, as you probably guessed by now, I am completely thrilled at the fact that I made that discovery recently, instead of bashing my head up against a wall for another 10-20 years…

How much would that have sucked?

So, what now?

Well, because of this revelation, from now on, I’m simply sticking to the tried and true  email marketing  side of things, therefore I’m also in the process of developing myself in to becoming a world class email marketing machine.

Let’s just see how long it takes me to master that skill, hopefully only about 18 months to two years.

Ok, it’s hammer-time!

You’ve read this far, and I’ve given you more than enough reasons why you should check out this personality test

My advice, go there now..

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with this site.  I’m just sharing its awesomeness.

Have a great day and I’ll catch up with you again very soon.

Ciao for now.

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