I Just Don’t Advise It..

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As I’m sitting here in my home office tonight, I had a thought about a big mistake a lot of people make when they first get started in an online opportunity.
They get sucked in to the marketing and get the idea that they are going to make big bucks overnight.
I have to say that “YES”…
That exact same thought process entered my brain about seven years ago or so, and believe me, the desired result has been eluding me ever since.
But that’s ok.
Because of the fact that I’ve simply learnt to embrace the process, not the results.
It’s a far more superior, stress free way to go.
Now, as far as keeping your online journey stress free, I highly advise that you don’t join that $1000 program if you are going to take food off your families table for example.
There are plenty of other lower cost programs that you can join and end up making just as much moolah with over time.
Please remember:
Just because an opportunity is all flashy, expensive and exciting, it doesn’t mean you will even make a single dollar in it.
How’s that for a #truthbomb…?
Seeing that you’re still here, I highly recommend you develop some skills in copywriting & email marketing etc, before you get all starry eyed on a biz opp, because the fact of the matter is, without knowledge of how to market and write compelling ads/emails…
I’m sorry to say, you are wasting your time and money. ( I can help you with this ) 
You won’t be able to sell anything at all online.
Truthfully, that was exactly my experience for the first few years.
Ok, I got that off my chest… Sweet…!
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