The reason most emails flop!

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Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been absorbing a training I purchased which completely altered my approach to online Email marketing.

One of the key points discussed was, how we as marketers should actually speak in our emails.

Let me ask you this…

Do you think people online would respond to your messages if you spoke in a very formal language every time?

I’ll be blunt here.

I highly doubt it.

Here’s why.

It’s because when people are surfing around online, they are generally in a relaxed non work like state of mind, and they really just want to be spoken to in a very conversational type of tone.

Not in a way that makes them feel they are being sold or being manipulated into buying something they really don’t actually need.

If you take the time to think about this, I’m sure you’ll agree that this approach has a much higher probability of success than the previous one…
So how can we get good at this?
Well, approach writing emails like you are simply having a laid back conversation with someone at the bar, at the beach or even at the park.

Basically, write like you talk!

Warts & all..

Here’s the cool bit.

I’m sure you can do this, because chances are you’ve been having conversations your entire life up to this point, so in short, You’re a natural at this already.
So, what to do now?
If you have a deep desire to kick start your online income this year, email marketing is probably your best bet as a place to start, because it has a very low cost involved to acquire the services of a decent auto-responder account.

Then, all you really need is a product or service to promote, and obviously they can be found all over the web.

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Alrighty, if you’re interested in picking up the training I spoke about earlier Go here 

If not, I completely thank you for reading this far.

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Thanks so much for reading everyone and Ciao for now!

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