Good luck finding the nugget.

As I sit here at home on a rainy kind of Saturday night,
I got to thinking as to why email marketing is in fact KING..
Here’s why!
Well if you think about it, there are many reasons why actually.
Emails are very adaptable.
You could actually turn an email that you write into many differing forms, such  as a blog post, an article, heck, you could even have it transcrivbed & adapt it for a video that you put out all over the place.
You know, Youtube, twitter, facebook, Insta for example.
I also wanted to share this little nugget with you.
The email you are reading now, will be sent to you, via an email auto-responder to all my permission based subscribers, with the push of one single button.
I do not, send each one individually.
There’s simply no need to take that much time away from my business in this day and age.
So, If you would simply like more details on how to freely access all the features an email auto-responder provides, for an entire month.
Hot foot a reply to me and I’ll graciously fill you in…
Like I said, Complimentary for a month, to see if it’s a fit…
That’s my offer for you today…


Contact details below…
Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber.


I totally appreciate hearing from you.


Please let me know if you ever have any questions.
Lewis White
Skype – lewisdwhite
Facetime – +61 0414 413 979

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