Unlike Facebook.

Maybe, over the last week or so, You saw some posts on FB and Twitter from me promoting a new social network.


Anyway, It’s a bit nuts that its so new and already so popular.

In case you haven’t heard, its called Webtalk.

And, from now on, It’s the main placethat I will be posting my content…

I will however share links to my Webtalk posts on Twitter, maybe FB etc.

But mainly Webtalk.

It’s Invite only, because It’s an extremely lucrative income opprtunity aswell.

Facts:It’s Free to use, but unlike facebook,It’s sharing a percentage ofit’s revenue with users.

How refreshing it that?

So, if you’d like to take a peek.

Please accept my invite

I hope to see you there…

Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber.I appreciate hearing from you.Let me know if you ever have any questions.

I would love to hear your thoughts...

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