We need to talk…

Cheers for opening this.
As you are aware, I promote Webtalk.
The first online social network
that actually has a revenue sharing
component to their business model.
But, what I learnt about webtalk recently
has the potential to make it the most popular
site online.
And that is, the fact that you would never
ever have to pay to reach a greater portion
of your audience, like you’d have to over
on Bookface and Twitter etc..
Now obviously, both of those sites
are rocking it as far as income goes…
Wouldn’t it be better if they shared the
revenue with us, the users?
Someone give me an almighty
“hell  yeah”…
Sorry, that was a tad out of character,
but I’m just so vibed up about the future.
It’s crazy in my head right now I must say.
So anyway, Just thought I’d open the
gate for you to experience the webtalk
So go on, sign up for your free account,
and maybe I can help you make some
extra moolah along the way too…
Oh yeah, did I mention that there are
way less ads on WT?
It’s true because it’s true.
and see for yourself…
Thanks also for being a loyal email subscriber.
I appreciate hearing from you.
Let me know if you ever have any questions.
Thanks so much for reading and
Ciao for now …

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