Don’t you just love exploring?

Hey there … 

Today, …at home, whilst sitting at my makeshift tressle table of a desk, due to being in Covid lockdown and having to work exclusively online from home, I came up with what I’m going to write about here.  

In short, its a web page with seven (7) tabs up the top that “quickly explain” all the benefits of exploring the best new social network on the web.

It’s here…

So who’s it for anyway I hear you ask? 


There are many reasons to be open to it, but for now I’ll list just a few… 

For those who feel stuck in the neverending quagmire of the ridiculous facebook algorithm.

For people looking to begin their social media journey’s online and who want the possibility of getting paid for their efforts.

Those who want complete and utter control over who sees what posts and when. (Want to restrict what your boss or crazy ex sees?) 

Ok, you get the point, and there are way more features than those on offer here. 

So there you have it. 

Something brand new and completely needed in the online social media landscape wouldn’t you say… 

Ok, I’m done… 

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I appreciate hearing from you.
Let me know if you ever have any questions.  

Sincerely,Lewis White Full Bio here

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