Now that you’ve had that epiphany…

Sitting here at home this afternoon, this question literally smacked me across the face like a dead fish.

Do the majority of people trying to build an online side hustle, or really any kind of business at all, understand that they can literally send out emails to thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of people with the touch of one mouse click?

And they can actually start for free… and send as many emails that you would like (up to the first 500 Subscribers!)

Hey, How’s that for a deal…? 👌🏻

Ok, now that you’ve had that epiphany, it’s time to really get down to business and start earning from your free account by registering as an advocate.

Here’s what happens:

When someone orders a paid account from your link, you will receive a 30% cut of the price for the life of the customer, by only having to enrol them once.

That right there, is the power…

Once they are in, they are in. Who know’s, they might even hang around for life.

So in one year the minimum you could earn from one paying customer is US $68.40, not much I know, but based on a few variables, that number could be a whole lot higher, and don’t forget, that’s just one paying customer.

So, for those people out there who see the glass half full, you’ll get an idea in your head of what is actually possible.

Imagine 10 or 20K customers, all paying you for showing them the best way to communicate online.

It’s best, because it is a permission based system.

Tip: Don’t forget to read this short page. Before we all get too carried away.


Anyway, if you have any questions at all, Please feel free to hit me up and I’ll help you out the best I can.

Ciao for now.

Lewis White.

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