Why I do what I do online…

Hi Folks,

Late Sunday night just gone, as I was watching some TV at home with my wife and kids, I received a text message from the Victorian Department of Health here in Australia.

It stated that I had either come in to contact with someone who is a confirmed Covid case, or I had visited a tier One exposure site.

Anyway the gist of the story, is that I must now quarantine for 14 days.

Which is going to affect the number of customers I have here that aren’t doing their lessons online at the moment…


On the bright side, I am so very glad that I can still make an income from the other two online sources I have access to.

One is an affiliate marketing deal, where I am building a base of customers who pay to access the email marketing product every month, quarter or year. (Tip: Once they are in, they are in until they cancel.)

The other is a network marketing opportunity, where I can earn over five levels of people with no limit on how many people can join.

There are currently Three levels one can access.

Free for Life. Pro or Pro Platinum…

I am Pro Platinum, the top level with the most features and benefits.

Think of it like getting paid for life, to help spread the word about a new site, that combines Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram, yet it offers way more value and is so incredibly easy to use.

At this point in time, as you can see via the image below, the site ranks 6809 in the world according to Alexa.com

In short, if any of the above info sparks an interest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to access further details.

I totally appreciate you reading this far and genuinely wish you well.

Regards Lewis

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